Cutting-edge projected, immersive, and sculptural installations incorporating animation and digital arts by Hench-DADA students and alumni.

April 5, 2010 – April 15, 2010
GALLERY HOURS: 10am-5pm Monday-Saturday
OPENING RECEPTION: on Thursday, April 8, 6-9pm


Love Seat

Deborah Allison, MFA 2009
With over 1,000 possible story combinations, Love Seat is an interactive and candid look at married life.

Our Lady of Olathe

Lauren Brown and Elizabeth Willy, MFA 2011
A home-grown miracle.


Kim Cagney, MFA 2011
Grow a tree; grow a relationship.


Tianran Duan, MFA 2011
In Relatum, our pre-existing perceptional relationship between the moon and the ocean is redefined by their interaction and the space surrounding them.

My House Portrait

Juan Camilo Gonzalez, MFA 2011
As the viewer moves from side to side of the projected image, the optical illusion of My House Portrait is revealed.”


Elyse Kelly, MFA 2011
Trapped, a woman breaks free of the society that confines her.


Chia-Lin Tseng, MFA 2011
By spinning a child’s toy top, participants create beautiful abstract images on the wall.

Made possible by a grant from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Upcoming Adobe First Frame 2010 screening at DGA on Thursday May 6th 7:30pm