Join us for a dynamic evening of pioneering animation-based installations and performances, including radical and lyrical new works from the John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts and special guests. Explore the brand new School of Cinematic Arts theatres, lobbies, and courtyards in search of large- and small-scale animated spaces that represent the diverse spectrum of contemporary animation and digital arts.

Hench-DADA featured artists include:
Professor Christine Panushka
Associate Professor Sheila Sofian
Adjunct Faculty Candace Reckinger
Research Associate Professor Perry Hoberman

Guest animation performance & installation artists:

  • Miwa Matreyek
  • Jim Ovelmen
  • Alberto ‘Beto’ Araiza

The event also features installations and performances by current Hench-DADA graduate students:

Deborah Allison, Melissa Bouwman, Steve Day, Dave Damant, Paul Shepherd, Diana Reichenbach, Amanda Tasse and Laura Yilmaz

Throughout the evening, attendees will be able to reflect on the works and engage with the artists in a real-time online discussion via laptops stationed throughout the complex.

Friday, April 10th 7 PM
SCA Complex 

Contact: Lisa Mann
Instructor of Cinema Practice Exhibitions Director of Hench-DADA