• A hybrid approach to moving image art

  • 1_Carolyn_Chrisman_Evenfall

    “Evenfall” by Carolyn Chrisman

  • 2_Yin_Tang_Liberty

    “Liberty” by Yin Tang

  • 3_Elizabeth_Willy_Apparition

    “Apparition” by Elizabeth Willy

  • 4_Emily_Eckstein_Multiply

    “Multiply” by Emily Eckstein

  • 5_Renae_Radford_Penny

    “Penny” by Renae Radford

  • 6_Tianran_Duan_4_Seasons

    “4 Seasons” by Tianran Duan

  • 7_Juan_Camillo_Gonzalez_Reconnocer

    “Reconnocer” by Juan Camillo Gonzalez

  • 8_Laura_Stevens_As_Green_As_We_Make_It

    “As Green As We Make It” by Laura Stevens

  • 9_Michael_Fallik_End_Of_Things

    “End of Things” by Michael Fallik

  • 10_Yang_Liu_Inking

    “Inking” by Yang Liu

  • 11_Emily_Henricks_Heads

    “Heads” by Emily Hendricks

  • 12_Cecilia_Fletcher_Abstract_Of_Title

    “Abstract of Title” by Cecilia Fletcher

  • 13_Jodie_Baltazar_Hair_Monster

    “Hair Monster” by Jodie Baltazar

  • 14_Sara_Spink_Ebb_Tide

    “Ebb Tide” by Sara Spink

  • 15_Hung_Hua_Huang_Surreal

    “Surreal” by Hung Hua

  • 16_Thomas_Huang_Entagled

    “Entangled” by Thomas Huang

  • 17_Jodie_Baltazar_Little_Blood

    “Little Blood” by Jodie Baltazar

  • 18_Laura_Stevens_Geisha

    “Geisha” by Laura Stevens

  • 18_Matt_Steidl_Cityscape

    “Cityscape” by Matt Steidl

BLENDO: A hybrid approach to moving image art
Gallery Exhibition: February 2010 

An exhibit of work combining different media: 2d animation, 3d animation, photography, illustration, motion design and text, and live action green screen.

The Work:

Projects were designed, directed, and animated by students in the John C. Hench Division of Animation and Digital Arts, and other divisions within SCA. Music was composed by students in the Scoring for Motion Pictures & Television Program in the Thornton School, and in some cases by the image makers themselves.

Participating Classes:

Visual Music CTAN 495 (Open to Non-Majors) – Mike Patterson 
Animation Production & Design CTAN 555 (MFA Animation 2) – Mike Patterson/Candace Reckinger
Basic Animation Technologies (MFA Animation 1) – Candace Reckinger
Expanded Animation (MFA Animation 1) – Candace Reckinger
Faculty Organizers: Mike Patterson, Candace Reckinger