A panel discussion of how science, technology and creativity may impact the world in the year 2050.

Panel moderators:

  • Richard Weinberg, USC School of Cinematic Arts Research Associate Professor
  • Don Eigler, IBM Fellow, first ever to precisely manipulate individual atoms

IBM panelists:

  • Melissa Cefkin, IBM anthropologist and Fulbright award grantee
  • John Cohn, IBM Fellow featured on Discovery Channel’s series The Colony
  • Winfried Wilcke, leader of IBM’s effort to develop rechargeable batteries capable of storing ten times more energy than today’s most powerful Lithium-ion batteries
  • Irving Wladawsky-Berger, expert in emerging technology, former co-chair of President Clinton’s Information Technology Advisor Committee and Chairman Emeritus of IBM’s Academy of Technology
  • Tom Zimmerman, who invented the Data Glove that established the field of Virtual Reality

USC School of Cinematic Arts and IBM Research Collaboration

IBM Research and USC School of Cinematic Arts are collaborating on a unique research project that aims to explore the future, circa 2050, based on scientific projections, informed speculation and creative thinking. The project seeks to inspire new movie or television concepts, digital media projects, or lead to novel projects and applications that IBM might pursue. One component of the research collaboration will be visits to IBM Research Laboratories for a select group of students.

Time Capsule 2050

The time capsule, to be opened in the year 2050, will contain ideas, projections and speculation about the future, written by USC students, faculty, alumni, and friends, along with selected artifacts of the past and present.

To express your interest in the time capsule or the research collaboration, please e-mail Richard Weinberg (

Access to IBM Scientists

As you create the movies of the future, if you are interested in speaking with an IBM scientist about research breakthroughs and their impact on the future, we can connect you with the right experts. Contact Jenny Galitz McTighe (