Professor Kathy Smith sat down with “SCA Family Stories” to talk about the Hench DADA program. An insightful interview that reveals the philosophy of DADA, as well as useful tips for prospective students for when it is time to prepare their portfolio and application material. 

— If you had to describe Hench-DADA to someone on the outside, what would you say? Hench-Dada is a creative and innovative program that pushes the boundaries of what animation can be in all its forms from traditional character animation, installation animation, visual effects, motion capture and stereoscopic animation, visual music, documentary animation and science visualization.”

“I am still learning every day but I would say be willing to take risks and immerse yourself in your work with all your passion and focus. Flexibility, openness to change and a willingness to continually learn are integral to being a successful artist/animator today.”