Professor Sheila Sofian speaks with SCA Family Stories about the new Minor in Science Visualization offered here at Hench DADA.

“Science and art are often put at opposite ends of the spectrum with little overlap in academia. However, starting this year, students can now explore both interests in a single minor with the Minor in Science Visualization offered by the John C. Hench Division of Animation and Digital Arts. SCA Family Stories recently sat down with Associate Professor Sheila Sofian to discuss the new minor and her advice for students who are interested in animation, science or a blend of both.”

– “Usually, you might find scientists and animators working together, but not programs where you can learn both at the same time. The animator really has to understand science in order to visualize it accurately, so to have someone that can do the visualization and the science portion is valuable. From our research, we haven’t found programs that do both, so it’s nice that we can draw on our wonderful science programs at USC and our strong animation program to create this minor.” –

Read the full interview here.