Christine Panushka





    Christine Panushka is an internationally known award wining artist, filmmaker/animator and educator. Her films have been screened in Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, Holland, England, Poland, Canada and the United States. They have won numerous awards including the Grand Prize at the Aspen Filmfest and a Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Her work explores the female psyche and uses stillness and small gestures to describe internal emotional and spiritual states. Critics have described her work as “completely original and capable of affecting both cerebral and sensual complexities.”

    Named an “Absolut Visionary” in 1996, she conceptualized, directed and curated “Absolut Panushka,” the second issue in a series of content based web sites sponsored by Absolut Vodka. “Absolut Panushka” is a ground breaking web site which supports and promotes experimental animation. It features a festival section, highlighting the work of 32 world class animators, including Panushka. Also included are a history section written by Dr. William Moritz and an animation tool, where anyone in the world can produce a piece of animation and have it posted on the site. “Absolut Panushka” has been honored with an “Award of Excellence” from Communication Arts Magazine, 1st prize for Animation on the Internet by both the World Animation Celebration in Los Angeles and the Holland International Animation Film Festival in Utrecht.

    She received her MFA in 1982 from the California Institute of the Arts.