In 2007 Professor Kathy Smith set a series of topics (originally drawn from her research class Contemporary Topics in Animation & Digital Art) and invited over 30 scholars, artists and industry representatives to present their ideas. Each topic was headed up by a student Annenberg Fellow who led a team of six student researchers each seminar. Week by week the visiting guests (often three per seminar) presented their ideas and each student team moderated and posed questions. The teams kept a weekly blog site and articulated their research through these website portals by the end of the semester.

1. Visualizing Science and Visual Effects

2. Documentary and Animation

3. Visualizing Science and Art

4. Visual Effects, Stereoscopy and Perception

5. Character Animation and Performance, Kinetics, Dance

6. Facial Gesture and Emotional Resonance through Animation and Cinema

7. Consciousness and Sound

8. Death, Time and Animation

9. Fine Art, Cinema and The Virtual Window