Since March of 2003, this interactive flash website has been an outlet for student films about dreams. Marsha Kinder and Kathy Smith oversaw five years of students who contributed to this sites work. 

The fifth year of Hench Dada student work was never pulled into the final design of the website, but may be seen here.


 Contemporary Topics in animation (CTAN 524) Environment Spaces

The environment – dream spaces exhibited on this site are created as part of Contemporary Topics in Animation. The concept for this class is to develop your own dream world or psychological gallery space using the variety of topics explored in the syllabus as inspiration.

These topics range from the evolution of the brain, the development of art, technology, science, and culture. We analyze the desire for artistic expression and examine how universal symbols; landscape, human and animal imagery arise from the evolutionary history of the mind and form part of out collective unconsciout.

Each topic allows the student to work creatively with different techniques, themes, and concepts. These themes are then encapsulated on a two- dimensional postcard format and in a one minute sound postcard that later becomes the source images for the three dimensional environment in Maya. The sound in all of these works is performed and created by the artist.

The works currently exhibited in this site represent CTAN 524 from 1999 to the present. Special thanks to our sponsors Alias Wavefront, Kodak, Intel, John Hench, Nickelodeon Fotokem, and Marcia Lucas. 

Works created by students from the Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts, School of Cinematic arts, USC 1999- 2003.

Brain neuron space design and animation by Shish Aikat and Adriana Jaroszewicz

Programming by Steve Anderson

CTAN 524 concept and Gallery curated by Kathy Smith

Sources: 1. Worby, Robert “The Sparks that Dreams are made from”Gramophone Explorations 1998