• Event poster for Rhythms + Visions

    Event poster for Rhythms + Visions

  • Michael Faulkner setting up for the evening’s performance.

    Michael Faulkner setting up for the evening’s performance.

  • D-Fuse performing “Particle” live at USC

    D-Fuse performing “Particle” live at USC

  • D-Fuse performing “Particle” live at USC

    D-Fuse performing “Particle” live at USC

  • Map of Stero Courtyard

    Map of Stero Courtyard

  • "Parks on Fire" by Scott Pagano

    “Parks on Fire” by Scott Pagano

  • Scott Pagano Performing

    Scott Pagano Performing

  • D-Fuse Performing

    D-Fuse Performing

Rhythms and Visions: Expanded and Live, a live-cinema event, brought together students and faculty to experience visual music and audio-visual works in an outdoor setting. The live performances featured layered and multi-screen projections, electronic and acoustic music, stereoscopic animations, interactive works and a gallery exhibit.

The Performers:


London based audio-visual collective D-Fuse performed the multi-layered work, Particle, as well as the live psycho-geographic Endless Cities, which examines society through a hybrid media lens combining live photography, time-lapse, and animation. These works are characterized by an intense and elegant sound-image dynamic. D-Fuse composer and musician Mathias Kispert performed live electronic music compositions with the visuals. D-Fuse is a London-based audiovisual artist collective that uses emerging creative technologies to explore social and environmental issues. Founded in the mid 90ʼs by Michael Faulkner, they are widely recognized as the pioneers of VJ culture. D-Fuse edited the book, VJ: Audiovisual Art _ VJ Culture, in 2006. Now at the forefront of the emerging genre of Live Cinema, the key relationship of sound and image underpins all of D-Fuseʼs work.

Scott Pagano

A Los Angeles based video artist, filmmaker, and motion graphics designer, Scott is recognized for his distinctive style of moving images constructed by re-mixing images of architecture, daily life and intricate CG graphics. His works, The Black Estate and Umfeld, have been performed in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Scott performed using Touch Designer and other audiovisual interactive tools to the live music composed and performed by Brian King and musicians.

Brian King

Live music was performed with Scott Paganoʼs visuals by percussionist and composer Brian King, guitarist Trifonic, keyboardist Brian LeBarton (longtime musician with Beck) , and drummer MB Gordy.

OUTDOOR EXHIBITS in courtyard and corridors

Stereoscopic Courtyard – 10 projections
Faculty artist, Perry Hoberman projected new stereoscopic work, as well as work created by interactive media and animation students. The moving imagery covered the façades of the SCA courtyard.

Layered Corridor Projection by D-Fuse, music by Steve Reich

Interactive Projections by USC IMD students Perry Hoberman, Eric Hanson

Animated Installations by USC Animation students


Curated exhibit of visual music work by D-Fuse, Scott Pagano, DADA faculty Mike Patterson, Eric Hanson. and DADA students. Holographic work by DADA faculty Kathy Smith.

Faculty Organizers: Mike Patterson, Candace Reckinger, Perry Hoberman, Eric Hanson