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“Sokamba is a platform for artists of all kinds to have the means to create pieces of art that they’ve always wanted to. Sokamba is a company that combines cutting edge ideas and passionate people to implement them. In relation to animation, a company life Sokamba pushes the boundaries of what might be commonly thought of as traditional animation by incorporating it with other disciplines like interactive media and dance. Sokamba encourages artists from different majors and fields to collaborate on projects that push the boundaries of their capabilities and stretches it into a fantastical and entertaining performance.”   – Lindsey Townley, Animator

“Sokamba is a USC-based arts collective which allows creative minds from all artistic disciplines to collaborate on and produce personally inspiring projects. These projects incorporate original music, animation, fine arts, spoken work, and dance into a live multimedia performance that invigorates audience members and participants alike. Sokamba provides a medium through which its artists can bring to life their innovative and experimental ideas in a synergistic and stimulating environment. 

In spring of last year (2013) they performed their first event, Mirrors. It was a multimedia collaborative dance performance that reflected different elements of each artist in the company. It included projection-mapped dance, live band accompaniment, spoken word poetry, and on-stage painting, among other acts. 

This spring Sokamba will hold their second event – the theme will be “The Universe.” This show aims to explore the birth and growth of the universe as well as humanity’s role within it. 

“Dance transcends my entire being into a better state than any other I’ve ever experienced. Being able to choreograph as well as perform in others’ pieces for Sokamba has been a blessing on my life that I do not take for granted. Collaborating with other choreographers and dancers, as well as artists from all different kinds of disciplines, has taught me so much about my art, others’ arts, and myself. Sokamna is the perfect place for people passionate about their art to create beautiful things together.” – Laura Marcin, Dancer

“Coming from a visual music perspective, Lindsey has created something original and exciting with Sokamba. Bridging multiple forms and disciplines, she has brought students together to create unique live performances. She is one of our first students to pioneer Derivative Touch Designer, a new and powerful creative tool for linking projection and live performance. Lindsey and her classmate Jordan Ariel are the first DADA students to produce and direct live visual music, one of the new frontiers for the independent animator and media artist.” – Mike Patterson, Associate Professor – USC Division of Animation and Digital Arts


Member Involvement: 

Animation: Jamie Lew, Lindsey Townley, Christine Barron

Choreography: Alena Henke, Alexa Nunes, Elise Napier, Emily Rawl, Keven Jackson, Laura Marcin, Laurel Galanter, Katrina (Rissi) Zimmerman, Sara Mardam-Bey, Stevie Gibbs

Dance: Alena Henke, Alexa Nunes, Jmaes (August) Luhrs, Bryan Volozanin, Caribay Franke, Edward (Ejay) Menchavez, Elise Napier, Emily Rawl, Keven Jackson, Laura Marcin, Laurel Galanter, Rachel Scott, Katrina (Rissi) Zimmerman, Sara Mardam-Bey, Stephanie Whyte, Stevie Gibbs

Composition: Daniel Silliman, Michael Matchen

Songwriting: Abby Litman, John DeBold, Nathan Fertig, Paul Carter, Patrick (Vance) Lovett

Fine Art: Brian Dario, Lindsey Townley, Stephanie White

Spoken Word: James (August) Luhrs, Elise Napier, Jackson Burgess