First Frame 2017 Films

Snipurr by Christine Barron

More by Marcus Burke

Sweet Dreams by Brenda Chen

Today by Katherine Duffy

Drifting by Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero

Once Upon a Line by Alicja Jasina

Round House Jam by Petradol Kitcharoen

Once a Hero by Xia Li

Homesick Solution by Xiaobo “Daniel” Ma

We Are the Immigrants by Catalina Matamoros Puerto

Bølge by Kevin McCurdy

For Educational Purposes Only by David Nessl

Lion Dance by Tim Pattinson and Zheng Kang

Mosquito: The Bite of Passage by Brian Rhodes and Eric Cheng

Yuan by Cassie Shao

One Night in Taipei by Sheila Sofian’s documentary animation class: Amir Arzanian, Ginger Fan Chiang, Mayra Flores, Nicholas Manting Brewer, Catalina Matamoros Puerto, Kristen Nelson, Rachel Victor, Junyi Xiao

8 O’clock Shadow by Jiexi Wang

The Eyes by Jingchuan Wang

Last Judgment by Junyi Xiao

Tiny Monster by Chenglin Xie

Voyant by Yu Yu

Tale of a Seed by Yawen Zheng

Karma by Peter Zhou and Franklin Okike

VR Pieces

Anicca by Cecilia Sweet-Col

Simoom by Evan Tedlock


Villainy by Hyeon Jeong Cho, Siyu Li, Megan Simon, Evan Tedlock