Thirteen students and alumni from the USC School of Cinematic Arts Hench Division of Animation and Digital Arts, five massive screens, two established animation directors/professors, and one world-class conductor came together at the Grand Opening Gala for the New World Symphonyʼs New World Center January 29th, 2011 in Miami. The work was directed by USC Professors Michael Patterson and Candace Reckinger was projected within a live performance of Modest Mussorgskyʼs Pictures at an Exhibition conducted by New World Symphony founder and artistic director Michael Tilson Thomas. The groundbreaking building by the architect Frank Gehry was designed to bring classical music performance into the twenty-first century. “Our first visit to the theater under construction was both inspiring and challenging. The screens were awesome, and we’d never designed for this kind of space before,” said Reckinger. Patterson added, “We wanted to create an immersive experience in this fantastic space that was both artistic and entertaining. Our team would need to deliver at a professional level for this incredible opportunity.”

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