Agueda Simo

    Class of: Visiting Scholar



    Agueda Simó is a multimedia artist who investigates the interaction between art and science using new technologies. She started her artwork in the field of video developing an aesthetic that led her to work with computer graphics, and afterwards on interactive installations and virtual reality.

    Her first virtual environment was developed at ART+COM, Berlin, in 1992. In that work she pioneered the use of fractal structures in virtual reality in consultation with the mathematicians Heinz-Otto Peitgen and Hartmut Jürgens.

    In her following work, a virtual reality installation entitled ‘Microworlds, Sirens and Argonauts’ (MSA), University of Southern California, LA, she explores an interactive narrative by means of attractors and sound as navigational clues. MSA was exhibited at SIGGRAPH’99 (Los Angeles), IMAGINA 2000 (Monaco), Interactive Frictions (Los Angeles), WORLDART (Aalborg, Denmark), CIBERVISION (Madrid), etc. MSA is exhibited in the permanent collection of the Museum of Science of San Sebastian, Spain.

    In ‘MIMESIS’, a virtual environment, granted by the Pompeu Fabra University’s Audiovisual Institute and the Phonos Foundation (Barcelona, Spain), she continues her exploration in interactive narratives increasing the participation of the user by means of a very intuitive and metaphoric interface inspired in MIMETISM, a co-evolution phenomenon of Nature. This interface is built with the environment inhabitants themselves: visual and aural structures that users can modify and generate to create their own audiovisual ecosystem.

    She has received numerous awards including a Postdoctoral Research Grant from the Basque Government, 2001, an award by the Annenberg Center for Communication, USC, 1998, a Fulbright fellowship in 1997, etc.

    Dr. Simó taught the first Virtual Reality courses at the University of Southern California, in 1998, and at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in 1993.

    She holds a Ph.D. in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country (2001), an MA in Image Synthesis and Computer Animation from Middlesex University, London (1993), a BA in Fine Arts (1991), and a BA in Communication Science (1989), both from the University of the Basque Country, Spain.

    – This biography was replicated from the artist’s personal website website.