Amanda Tasse

    Class of: 2009, MFA





    Amanda Tasse is a PhD researcher in the iMap Media Arts & Practices program at the University of Southern California. She received her MFA degree in Animation and Digital Arts, also from USC, in 2009. Her work investigates the influence of emotion, memory, and attention on perception of visual spatial awareness and the creation of the conscious self. Her practice is informed by emerging neuropsychological developments within creativity and consciousness. She intends to integrate tangible media interfaces with mixed reality experiences driven by neurofeedback or related forms of sensory data.

    Amanda based her Sloan award winning MFA thesis film, “Reality Clock”, on research into stereoscopy and representations of the self through early stages of Dementia. She draws from her multi-media background in animation, painting, sculpture, and installation, to develop digitally animated environments imbued with felt materiality. Her organic-digital hybrids of old-fashioned and new technologies mirror ancient and current research into perceptual phenomenology at the meeting point between art and the social sciences.