Birgitta Hosea

    Class of: Visiting Scholar




    Birgitta Hosea is an artist and animator based in London and working in the field of expanded animation. Her work investigates hybrid forms of practice in which animation meets live presence. She has coined the term ‘post-animation’ to describe her practice, because it uses the tools of animation, but does not take the form of an animated film. Rather she creates interdisciplinary works that de-construct conventional notions of animation. Her interest is in exploring animation as both performance and performative act. Is it possible to be both ‘animator’ and also’animated’ at the same time?

    Through video installation and performance art, she combines a range of media – animation,manipulated video, paper sculpture, performance drawing, live video feeds and interactive technology – with the live body. This has taken many forms including dressing up as a cartoon character or projecting animation onto herself. Birgitta creates work both as an individual practitioner and also in collaboration with other artists, performers and computer programmers.

    Her early practice was in soft sculpture and installation, where she developed an interest in sensual, visceral and tactile forms of communication between the viewer and the work. Her more recent work has been concerned to explore ways in which animation can be generated through sound or physical movement and she has been investigating different ways to project these moving images into three-dimensional space. She is also developing video works for 3D holographic projection in which she animates herself into being through the line.

    She keeps a blog where she records her current thoughts on the field of expanded animation here:

    – This biography was replicated from the artist’s personal website on Oct 03, 2012.