Birgitte Moos

    Class of: Visiting Scholar




    Birgitte Moos is a Danish artist, based in Copenhagen and Los Angeles.

    Her accomplishments are manifold. She is a Conceptual Painter, a Production Designer and researcher.

    She holds a Master´s Degree in Set & Production Design at the National Design School of Denmark. Having completed her BFA in Denmark, she became a student of the European Master – Painter, Director and Set Designer – Achim Freyer, at the University of Arts in Berlin. She participated in his elite class with no more than 4-5 Students enrolled.

    During the last years, she has been working excessively as an Independent Artist. The work has been shown in various venues and exhibited internationally at numerous ocasions and prominent galleries in Los Angeles, NY, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. She also contributed to many theatrical and television productions. 

    In 2003, Birgitte Moos was the Artist in Residence at the USC Film School’s Animation and Digital Arts Program and received an Artist in residenc by Theatre Director Robert Wilson at his Watermill Centre, NY in 2009.
    Birgitte Moos has received several grants, and she did production design and costume design on the award winning film ‘Lack of Oxygene’ at the Scandinavian Close-Up Shorts Competition.

    In 2011 her set design for ‘The Arsonists’ at The Odyssey Theater was nominated as the set design of the year in LA. This year she was a finalist in The Saatchi Gallerys Open Call for abstract art.

    In her artistic work, there is a desire to create a synthesis between a story and its visual appearance whether it is on canvas, stage or screen.

    In order to create locations, the Designer / Fine Artist must possess a keen understanding of the story, where the goal is to bind the experience of being to physical places, by communicating spatial / dramatic sequences and artistic content, based on literary sources or concepts of performances, film or electronic media.

    The visual content breaks down the wall between science and abstract art, as Birgitte researches in the fields of science, psychology, anthropology and different artforms, in order to generate her personal view points on what has and is happening in society.

    She often comes up with complex, modern, yet timeless solutions, that people can relate to in different ways.

    She has reached a high level of proficiency developing visual concepts for fine art, TV, film and video, performing art, advertising and interactive games.

    – This biography and profile picture was replicated from the artist’s personal website.