Jake Zhang

    Class of: 2015, MFA




    Vimeo Channel

    I am a creative animator and artist.

    I have been working in the animation and design fields for years, and I think my most important feature is my creative mind and spirit to explore different ways of expressing different emotions and thoughts. After graduating from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, I focused on the self-research of the relations among graphics, live action and animation. Meanwhile, I worked on several music video projects, including music video for “Telemiscommunications” by Deadmaus and Imogen Heap (Virgin Records). 

    As I said I love exploring different methods to express ideas. My art styles are abundant. As I study advanced techniques during my graduate program, I devote myself to working out a unique style that fits the development of arts and the demand of the industrial market.

    See my works at http://jakeanime.com