Li Gang

    Class of: Visiting Scholar




    • Researcher: Digital Image Design Innovation Center, DongSeo University, South Korea (2006)
    • Master of Arts: Graduate School of Design & IT, DongSeo University, South Korea (2006) 
    • Bachelor of Engineer: Qingdao University of science and engineering (2003)

    Study Field

    CG Animation & Media Arts Design

    Professional Works & Activities

    • Works “Cloud”(media Animation art), BEXCO Art & Design Exhibition 
    • Works “National Landscape”(Graphic), China, Korea & Japan Environment Protection Arts Festival 
    • Korea Human & Computer Interaction Academic Conference (2005) 
    • Korea Multimedia Academic Paper Conference (2005), Paper presentation & Excellent Awards 
    • Chinese National Digital Arts Education & Cooperation Conference (2th), 2006, Special Topic Presentation 
    • Asia Arts & Science Society International (Shanghai) Academic Conference(2006),Paper Presentation 
    • Chongqing First ACG Exposition, Digital Changjiang profession forum, Presentation in the name of Chongqing University (2006) 
    • Works “SEE”, China, Korea & Japan BIEAF Arts Festival, Golden Awards(2007) 
    • Achieve Softimage XSI Chinese authorized Instructor (2007) 
    • CG prehistoric animals image production, TV Projects of Chongqing University & Chongqing TV station(2006~2007) 
    • Building Animation Department in Arts college, Chongqing University, chief lecturer(2007) 
    • Chongqing government projects: Chongqing ACG industry analysis and countermeasure research(2007~2009) 
    • China National writing Museum, Interactive animation design for historical relic; (2009) 
    • Chongqing mobile company projects, Animation Advertisement short series film, supervise (2010) 
    • Employed be member of Adobe Creative University (China) Committee of Expert (2011)

    Teaching Awards

    • <Mountain City Memories>, Golden Prize, sponsored by China Ministry of Culture (2009) 
    • <Color Life>,Second Prize, sponsored by China Ministry of Education (2007) 
    • <harmonious>, Second Prize, sponsored by China Ministry of Education (2010) 
    • <Fan-Guan>, The Best Experimentation Image Prize, sponsored by Beijing academy of Film (2010) 
    • <Yuan ye tour>,Excellence Prize, sponsored by China Ministry of Education (2010) 
    • <Side of the Mountain>, Excellence National Prize, Sichuan Golden Panda International television festival (2011)

    Academic Paper

    • A study on the application of 3D character animation in navigation of multimedia contents, ISSN 1738-611X, KMMS 
    • A study on the application of using Interaction Art in Creating Interactive Character Animation works, ISSN 1738-611X, KMMS 
    • The study of industrialization about Ink painting Animation and its worth space, 2007.12, Art Guide, ISSN 1003-0441 
    • The study of Ink painting Animation’s transition based on the Background of Digital Art, 2008,IGTA 14th academic Conference 
    • The Unite of Animation and Classic Music, 2010.9, literature and art contend. ISSN 1003-9538

    Tutorial Book

    • The Fundamentals of Softimage XSI; Published in 2008;
    • Concept Design of Character (Adobe Official tutorial); Published in 2012;